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How to expand your solar kit with high quality solar accessories

Everything you need for your Plug & Play Solar Kits. Whether you are looking to get creative, install your kit your way or just looking for spare parts, here you can find accessories of the highest quality for your Plug & Play Solar Kits.

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MC4 Extension Cable
MC4 extension cable Sale priceFrom €19,99
Schuko Cable for Solar Panel
Schuko-Betteri Cable Sale priceFrom €19,99
Mount Sunfer 03V for Solar Panels
Mount Sunfer 02V1
Mount Sunfer 02V1 Sale priceFrom €89,99
Valk Box3
ValkBox 3 Solar Ramp Sale price€99,99
Mount Sunfer 01V
Mount Sunfer 01V Sale priceFrom €104,99
Mount Sunfer 20H1 Panel + structure

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