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Robinsun Performance Basic

Sale price€449,00

Do it yourself and let your creativity run wild. With our Basic kits, you have the freedom to install your kit as you wish.

The kits include one or two solar panels, a micro inverter and the necessary connecting cables. Installation is your responsibility, using your own equipment. Save up to 50% on your electricity bill and help combat climate change.

Select your panel type::

Now all Robinsun Performance Kits come with a 800 W Micro Inverter!

Providing the flexibility to easily expand your solar kit in the future.

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Robinsun Performance Basic
Robinsun Performance Basic Sale price€449,00

Save money

Cut your power bills by up to 50% producing your own solar energy

30-year warranty

Enjoy the longest warranty period on the market for your solar panels!

Save the planet

Reduce your CO2 emissions and increase your autonomy

Solar panels

1 or 2 panels, how much power do I need?

As a rule of thumb, in Southern Europe households of 1-2 people should be fine with 1 Performance panel, while for homes with 2-3 people probably need 2 panels. If you have many appliances connected, as well as your water boiler or air conditioning, 2 panels are recommended.

Robinsun Performance full black panel with zoom

QN Solar Bifacial Full Black

Performance meets elegance

  • Max Output 420 Wp
  • Bifacial Technology
  • Panel efficiency 22,0%
  • 1200 mm cable with MC4-EVO2 connectors
  • Easy Plug & Play connection
  • Frame colour: Full Black
  • 30-year warranty for extra linear power output by the manufacturer
  • 15-year warranty for materials and processing
  • Dimensions 172,2 x 113,4 x 3,0 cm. Weight 24 kg


Data Sheet

Warranty Sheet

Installation Tips

Let your creativity free while maintaining your safety!

In order to have a safe installation, here we share some key ideas that you should have in mind when you start letting your creativity flow.

Weight Distribution

The panel weighs 24 kg. Be careful where you install it and make sure you hold it well if you intend to hang it.

Component Proximity

In order to have a efficient system, the micro inverter must be installed near the panel.

Installation Procedure

Due to the weight of the panels, we recommend that 2 people handle the panel during installation.


Your micro inverter from a top-tier manufacturer

Micro inverters are small devices that convert the DC electricity generated by solar panels into AC electricity, making it usable for your home's appliances.

Micro inverter Tsun 600

Technical Details

800 W

  • DC input 14 A, AC output 800 W
  • Max. DC voltage 60 V. No threat for high DC voltage
  • Real time production monitoring
  • Direct home wifi connection - no smart plug needed
  • 12-year warranty by the manufacturer
  • Max efficiency: 96,70%
  • Dimensions: 25,0 x 17,0 x 2,8 cm. Weight: 3,00 kg


CE Certificate

Installation Guide

Data Sheet

Warranty Sheet

Installation video

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