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Van der Valk

Secure and reliable mounting systems.

With Van der Valk

Van der Valk provides secure and reliable mounting systems for solar installations, ensuring optimal performance and durability. Our high-quality mounting solutions are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, providing a secure foundation for your solar panels. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Van der Valk is your trusted partner for mounting systems that protect your investment and maximize the performance of your solar energy system.

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Van der Valk Solar Systems is since 2009 one of the fastest growing companies in the solar industry and focuses entirely on the development and production of solar mounting systems for pitched roofs, flat roofs and open fields. Van der Valk Solar Systems also has an office and warehouse in the UK, offices in Sweden and Spain and is currently active in 13 countries.Their mounting systems are developed and produced in their own factory in the Netherlands and stand out thanks to their broad area of application, the very short time in which they can be installed, and the high quality. They are developed according to the latest Eurocodes and therefore comply with the requirements defined for solar systems by banks and insurance companies.

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Van der Valk provides high-quality mounting systems for secure solar installations, designed to ensure the stability, durability, and performance of solar panels in residential and commercial applications.

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