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TSUN MP3000 Micro Inverter

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TSUN MP3000 is a high-efficiency micro inverter that can be connected up to 8 solar panels:

  • DC input 16 A, AC output 3000 W
  • Recommended Panel Power [W]: 380-600+
  • Max. DC voltage 60 V. No threat for high DC voltage
  • Real time production monitoring
  • Direct home wifi connection - no smart plug needed
  • 12-year warranty by the manufacturer
  • Max efficiency: 97,2%
  • Dimensions: 35,4 x 29,4 x 6,0 cm. Weight: 6,8 kg

Quick installation

Self-install in minutes, without installer or electrician

Big savings

Cut your power bills by up to 50% for 30 years

Immediate impact

Connect directly to a socket, and save CO2 immediately

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Effortless Installation

With step-by-step instructions, you'll have your solar panel system up and running in no time.

Hand holding mobile phone that displays production monitoring app

Hassle-Free Monitoring

Use the app to monitor your production in real time and optimize your savings

Incredible Cost Savings

You will be able to cut your power bills by up to 50% for 30 years

Payback time of approx. 1,9 years

Up to €426/Year in savings

30-year warranty

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